Site Development

Since 1979, Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. has provided it customers with complete site development capabilities from design review and estimating to a completed project meeting their budgets and deadlines.

Utilizing equipment from our extensive fleet and our highly trained staff personnel, we are able to complete these site developments, both on-time and cost effectively.  Special needs are addressed on a case by case basis while we focus on the day to day activities on the following:

  • GPS Controlled Equipment and Project Layout
  • Project Layout with stationing and grades
  • Clearing, Grubbing, Excavation and Grading
  • Placement of inlets, manholes and drainage items
  • Forming and Placement of Concrete Roadway, Sidewalk and Curbs
  • Setup and Placement of Concrete – Curb and Gutter and Barrier utilizing a Gomaco Slip form machine.
  • Installation of Erosion and sedimentation controls
  • Proper diversion and re-direction of water for work sites
  • Proper setup and removal of Maintenance and Protection devices
  • Asphalt Milling and Paving of Roadways per local, county and state specifications
  • Provide Asphalt Milling Services with our 4 foot Milling machine
  • Provide efficient Asphalt Pavement placement with our Lee Boy and Vogele paving machines
  • Installation of fence enclosures including Main Gates and Vehicle Gates.
  • Installation of all utilities, with regard to gas, water, sewer, electrical and tele-communication.
  •  Landscaping, including the placement of all types of ground cover, shrubs and plantings.

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