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Bridge Inspection – Access, Rigging and M.P.T. Services:
Since 1997, Michael Facchiano Contracting, Inc. has worked on the Structure Maintenance and Repair Service Contract for the Maintenance of Bridge Structures within the City of Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  In 2011, we expanded our capabilities and services to include an Aspen Aerial A-62 under-bridge Inspection Crane (“Snooper” Truck).  In addition, MFC, Inc. purchased a Sterling Vac-con – high pressure water jet/ vacuum truck for cleaning bridge decks, downspouts, scuppers and other related bridge drainage.  This unit is also used to collect pigeon “droppings” and miscellaneous debris in a safe and efficient manner.

Both of these units enable us to work directly or in a supportive role on work items pertaining to Bridge Washing, Inspection Services and Bridge Maintenance.  We take pride in our ability to offer a complete support service operation as our equipment fleet and personnel continue to address the on-going needs for Bridge Inspection, Maintenance and Structure repair projects for local, county and state agencies.

Our Crews will secure all necessary Permits and perform all tasks necessary for the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic for access rigging, bridge washing, core extraction and paint sampling and debris collection.

Please contact  Info@mafacchianocontracting.com for more information